Horseback Riding,Trail Riding, and Horsemanship

Graciously hosted at G&G Stables

49 Driftway Road, Howell, NJ 07731

Trail Riding - 1 hour - $65

Riding Lessons - 1 hour - $40

Horse Training - 1 hour -$50

Horse leasing and sale options available







Option A: One horse, one hour onsite $100

Option B: Two horses, one hour onsite $200

Option C: Three horses, one hour onsite $300

Option D: One horse, one hour at your  home $125

Option E: Two horses, one hour at your home $225

Option F: Three horses, one hour at your home $325

Must pay in advance to reserve time/date. No refunds. May reschedule due to rain/storms.

Horse Bios


Cloud – Show Name – Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining


I am a 28 year young Egyptian Arabian (DO NOT BE FOOLED BY MY AGE, I STILL ACT LIKE A KID SOMETIMES) who teaches many timid riders to canter and learn to confidently ride. My trustworthy and honest work ethic in and out of the arena, and on trails/beach rides lets me help you to improve your skills. You will love me as I am a barn favorite! I have taught hundreds how to ride. I am SO happy to be a part of the Breezy Meadow Equestrian Centre Family!


Over the course of my horsey life, I have been a RACEHORSE in Delaware as a youngster, then was sold to a boy for trail riding who had me for 8 years. Also, at Rusmill Farm Stable when I was 16, I met Regina, and became a wonderful lesson horse. Being honest in my work ethic, my partner, Regina, always says, “I am WORTH MY WEIGHT IN GOLD!” I have taught so many to canter and confidently ride on trails and over jumps. I can excel at Western Pleasure, Ranch Riding, and Western Dressage. I am able to STILL do gymkhana/speed events quite well and fast! You have to KNOW what you are doing on me when it is “GAME ON” at the Western Shows as I AM QUITE FAST!

My talents are in Western Dressage, Trails/Beach Rides, Lessons, Themed Festivals/Party Pony/Unicorn Rides, Camps, Gymkhana Speed Events, Beginner Xrails, teaching bareback canter and just an overall confidence builder horse.


Abby – Show Name: Dear Abby


I am a sassy 25 yr old, 12.3 hand *POA (Pony of the Americas, which is a Shetland crossed with an Appaloosa)/Welsh Cross. Even though I am extremely zippy at jumpers and speed events, when we are at home or at festivals/parties, I am gentle and patient for pony rides, camp, and lessons. 

I love doing pony parties/themed festival rides, yet I have one question, WHY do I have to wear that unicorn horn?”

Before coming to Breezy Meadow Equestrian Centre, I was turned out in a field, my basic needs met, yet I did not have anyone visiting me or the love that I so need to thrive. 

Now, I am enjoying life MORE than EVER and am thriving on the love of a gentle soul named Amanda Ennis. She truly loves me with her whole heart yet unselfishly shares me with others.


Over the course of my horsey life, I have had a successful career as a CHAMPION PONY JUMPER at PONY FINALS in Kentucky and also have been a CHAMPION barrel racing pony.  I do gymkhana quite well and fast! You have to KNOW what you are doing on me when it is “GAME ON” at the Western Shows or in the Jumper Ring as I AM LIGHTNING FAST! 

My talents are in Advanced Small Rider Lessons, Trails/Beach Rides, Party Pony/Unicorn Rides, Camps, Gymkhana Speed Events, and Pony Jumpers.

About Us

Meet Regina

Trainer/Instructor Regina Ennis can work with you on-site or coach you at your location. At our equestrian center, we provide quality instruction in horsemanship with an emphasis on clear communication between the horse and rider in order to achieve lasting results. With over 20 years experience in competitions, training, and student instruction on the West Coast, Regina Ennis is a horsewoman who has successfully competed in open "A" rated shows in both English (Equitation-on the flat and over fences, Hunters, Jumpers from 2'6"- 4'0", Level I Dressage) and Western horsemanship


(stock seat equitation, western pleasure, show trail, reining, barrels, pole-bending, gymkhana, and breakaway roping). Her experience will help you with horseshowing, riding, training, and student instruction both mounted and unmounted. English and Western disciplines are taught with safety and each individual rider in mind. Our farm offers a family-friendly atmosphere, reasonable rates, and allows many unique opportunities to all our riders. Whether you are interested in competing at shows or just learning to ride for pleasure, let us help you achieve your goals. Instruction will be tailored to meet your needs. From beginners to advanced, all are welcome and will find their journey with horses to be both stimulating and exciting! 

Come Join Us

Trail Riding Adventures  Have you ever felt the need to experience the joys of nature in a unique way? There is no closer connection to the wonders of the woodlands than the one you encounter when riding a horse. Climbing up and down pathways through nature’s paradise puts you in a zone where the outside world can’t enter. You are totally involved in the moment, as it takes all of your faculties to ride the beautiful being beneath you. 

You can’t think of a better way to relax mind, body, and spirit, than to enter this wonderful equine world, if only for an hour or two.

If the above sounds appealing to you, then you need to meet Regina Ennis. A superbly accomplished rider, trainer, instructor, Regina also specializes in providing unique trail riding experiences, tailored to fit both your skill level, and your wishes.  Trail rides can be on the scenic grounds where Regina’s horses are housed, or in one of many other nearby beautiful and thrilling venues. The vast number of area riding trails provide opportunities for thrill seeking challenges (Extreme Trail Riding), and for peaceful, mind restoring walks (Nature’s Therapy Trail Riding) and for everything else in between. Coming soon is a “Game of Thrones Adventure.” Regina has an uncanny ability to fit horse to rider, whatever the rider’s ability. Her passion for helping anyone and everyone on their “Horse Journey” combined with her amazing teaching methods, guarantees you a memorable experience!   

All This and More


 English Riding Instruction

Western Riding Instruction

Trail Training

Trail Rides

Customized Trail Rides

Beach Rides

Boy and Girl Scout Horsemanship Badge Instruction

Birthday Parties

Summer Horsemanship Program 

(Ages 5 to 18)

Horse Trailering

Horse Training

And...coming soon…


Carriage Rides

Obstacle Course Training

Riding Camp/ Horsemanship Program

Students enjoy a week of intensive Horsemanship Training from the ground up. Under the tutelage of Regina Ennis, they will learn how to care for, clean, feed, tack up, ride, and trail ride.


Days/times: Set by appointment

This is TOTAL HORSEMANSHIP IMMERSION! You will love learning about what it takes to have a horse!

Real emphasis on horse handling, riding skills, developing a good "seat," and feeling confident as a result of learning real skills!

Riding Camp/Horsemanship Program Downloads

Riding Camp/Horsemanship Program RegistrationForm (docx)


Camp Information Packet (docx)


Permission to Ride Forms

Please fill out  Breezy Meadow Release Form and Policies and Rules Form bring to your first Lesson, Day of Camp, or Trail Ride!

If you grant us permission to photograph you or your child and add to our face book page or website, please download our Permission to Photograph Form and bring with you! Thanks! 

Breezy Meadow Eq Liability Release Form (pdf)


Lesson Program Policies and Rules (docx)


Permission to Photograph Form (pdf)





Don't live with fear. Just Take A Chance and Live your life as a true horse rider. You will discover courage and strength by learning how to be a true horseback rider.Whatever you do dont look back even if there is a ice cream truck behind you and doesnt matter what people say dont listen to them but always listen to your instructor no matter how hard she is on you they always have a soft heart deep down. 

Chrissy Ennis

February 6, 2013


The Nervous Rider  You really want to do this! But you are so nervous, you keep playing disastrous scenarios in your head until you psych yourself out. Time to go for it! You are not getting any younger, and this is a lifelong dream of yours. Your “Horse Journey” needs to begin!  You need an instructor with just the right balance of care, patience, high standards, integrity, strength, no nonsense mentality, and (did I already say?) patience. Regina Ennis is that person. She cares enough to make you do it until it is done correctly, no matter how long it takes. And yet she finds a way to end each lesson on a successful note, and let you know that you really did achieve something.  Regina will be both sympathetic and empathetic to your needs. However, she will make certain that you learn to do all things involving horses the CORRECT way. This insures your safety, and well as that of her horses, and herself. She will calm your fears, and help you find your inner self confidence, which you sometimes find so elusive.  Safety comes first with this instructor, then skill and confidence building. Regina is a very gifted instructor/trainer, with a lively personality, and a heart of gold. You have found the teacher you need. It is time to begin! I’m glad I did!

Diane Dannenfelser

June 2017


Three years ago, due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to find a new riding instructor. I found Regina Ennis and began riding under her tutelage. It was most fortunate for me. She has helped me in so many ways. She is an excellent encouraging teacher and has helped my riding both technically and mentally. My confidence has grown and I’ve been able to enjoy lifetime memories like challenging trail rides, beach rides and even a ride and canter in the snow. Regina is kind and giving and I’m proud to have her as a teacher and friend.  

Connie Simon

June 2017


Regina has an innate connection with horses.  She jumped on my mare and within ten minutes told me all about her past training as well as her strengths and weaknesses--all correct, because I know her previous owner.  Within one lesson she taught me how to correct my horse's most problematic habit--something that has plagued me for a year.  When you are on a trail ride with Regina or are taking a lesson, she doesn't just teach you 'shift your weight here' or 'move your leg there'.  She helps you understand what is happening from the horse's perspective.  She doesn't bully or force horses to do what she wants--she convinces them it was their idea!

Jennifer Hamilton Scarborough

June 2017


Regina has been caring for my horses for several years. And my daughter took her very first pony ride with her six years ago. She is someone who truly loves all creatures, but is so incredible with horses. My mares have participated in lessons, trail rides and camps with Regina, and they are always happy and loved. She has a great knack for helping her student riders gain confidence and knowledge, and she really cares about each one of them. She has taken countless riders from their first pony ride to competitive shows. Whether you ride english, western, or not at all....Regina can take you from your first ride to being a confident jumper! She also does the best trail rides!!! So much fun!! And the facilities at the barn are top notch!!! Can't say enough about Regina and Breezy Meadow Equestrian! I highly recommend this knowledgeable horsewoman and her program to absolutely anyone! Give her a call! You will be so glad you did!

Kristen McLaughlin

June 2017


What a terrific ride today! Regina, I have to tell you how many times I've thought that I'm so thankful I found you. Don't ever underestimate the gift you give others. For me, you have taken a 59 year old woman who knew nothing about horses and instilled confidence that I'll be able to do what is needed to learn to ride. I have a long way to go but I'm getting there! I learn something
every time. When I leave I feel positive, confident and that I have accomplished something. And I have fun! I'm grateful for the time spent at Freedom Farm-for the learning, nature, peace and just being with you and the horses. It's my calm spot in a hectic life-very therapeutic!
Not everyone who calls themselves a teacher can teach. You're a wonderful teacher. You are energetic, positive, creative, fun and incredibly competent. And if that was not enough, you communicate your deep respect and love for horses and horsemanship. And it's obvious you want to share that and instill it in others.
I feel it's important that if we have good thoughts about others, we pass them on. And so I am. Thank you again, for your generosity of spirit and heart. And for giving so much more than a lesson.Always,Lois Martin

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